Rules & Regulation for SPU

Please read this section very carefully. Any runner not adhering to any of the following rules is subject to disqualification or penalty.

  1. Qualification

    Race is open to man or woman 18 years of age by 2021 or older as of race day, who is in good health and can complete the race without getting lost.

    1. SPU100 CATEGORY :
      1. In order to register, it is necessary to have gained the required number of cumulative 8 ITRA / UTMB new system points (maximum 2 or 3 races) by finishing, between 01/01/2016 and 31/12/2019 exclusively and one race must has min 4 ITRA points. Please check your ITRA point by visiting this link

    2. SPU70 CATEGORY:
      1. In order to register, it is necessary to have gained the required number of cumulative 6 ITRA / UTMB new system points (maximum 2 or 3 races) by finishing, between 01/01/2016 and 31/12/2019 exclusively and one race must has min 3 ITRA points. Please check your ITRA point by visiting this link

    3. Organizer reserve exclusive rights to approve/deny registration, including the right to award dispensation (with careful consideration) for those that do not meet the qualification criterias.


    Several sections of the race course pass through national parks with designated sensitive wildlife areas inhabited by extinct animals and plants. We require everyone (runners) to be fully aware and follow these rules:

    1. Sleeping along the course is prohibited as it will have a large impact on the environment and may also mistakenly lead others to think that you require emergency medical assistance. Please manage your physical condition carefully and rest/sleep at the aid stations.
    2. You must stay on the trail at all times. There will be sections where racers will not be able to pass each other in order to protect the environment safety matters.
    3. Picking up or damaging plants, animals, fungi and rocks found along the race course as well as within the overall race area are prohibited.
    4. Short cutting is strictly prohibited due to potential damage to vegetation along the course. Please run along the designated course.
    5. Absolutely no littering along the course.

    1. If during the race, participant / runner allow to recieve any support from runner support team at certain points (CISADON VILLAGE, PANIISAN HILL, HAMERANG PLACE (WARUNG PAK ACU), GUNUNG PANCAR VILLAGE AND PENDOPO CIHERANG).
    2. Due to FULL AUTONOMY RACE MODEL, runners allow to accompany by REGISTERED PACER along the race. Please register your PROPER PACER to our system.
    3. If during the race, participant encounter another runner or staff member who is injured or sick and unable to move on their own, please give priority to assisting that person by telling to the runner crew support for assistance.
    4. There is no Emergency and first aid tents staffed by a doctor and/or nurse that provided by Organiser.
    5. Please note that, depending on the area, it may take a long period of time for help to reach participant.
    6. If participant receive emergency medical assistance from a rescue crew and/or doctor, please make sure that you get examined by a medical expert at a hospital after the race. Please contact the race organizer centre to let them know of your condition after the medical examination.
    7. Race staff have an authority to stop a racer from continuing the race. This will be done by taking off the racer's number card.
    8. If participant drop out of the race, participant can continuing walk by take a shorter path to the pick up point that will take you back to the finish line.
    9. Depending on your condition, an emergency evacuation may be required. This evacuation will be at the expense of the person being rescued. For all racers must be obtain adequate medic insurance during the race.
    10. In the case of an emergency, if you are unable to reach the nearest Medic aid station, pick up point or finish line, the committee will give assistance.

    1. Food and drinks will be provided by runner (not by organiser) at only certain stations (CISADON VILLAGE, PANIISAN HILL, HAMERANG PLACE (WARUNG PAK ACU), GUNUNG PANCAR VILLAGE AND PENDOPO CIHERANG) .
    2. Outside support by family and friends is allowed.
    3. Non-registered runner or support may not run alongside racers.

    1. All participants / runners and team support crew mush show Covid19 Vaccination Certificate.

    1. The race course will not be marked using marking tapes and signs. (Note: Permission has been obtained from the appropriate land owners and property managers to put up temporary signs and marking tapes). Particpant must follow the route and must down load the organizer's file gpx and up loading the particular file gpx to particpant's GPX Watch, GPX devices or Mobile Phones, and print the course map out.
    2. There will be a "no-passing" section as well as other sections with specific rules/conditions. Please abide by these rules.
    3. The above signs and markers will be set up just before the race and will be immediately removed after the race.

    If you decide to drop out of the race, you must notify race staff. Please remove your race card / bib and and report to a race staff member so that race Organizer Center can be notified. Once you have dropped out of the race, you will not be able to re-start. Remember to keep your race card with you as you will need it to retrieve your bags from the bag storage area.

    1. Dropping Out at An Aid Station: Tell an aid station staff that you have decided to drop out of the race.
    2. Droping Out Along The Course: If you are able to move on your own, please make your way to the closest aid station (either return to the aid station you just left or go the next aid station). If you are unable to move without assistance, please tell staff and follow their instructions. It will take time to get help out to you if you are out on the race course. If you are not feeling well, it would be best to make your decision to drop out at an aid station.

    Course map (please download and printout the "Overall Course Map" and "Detailed Course Map" from the official website) OBLIGATORY
    Personal cup for hot/cold drinks at aid stations (minimum 150cc size). Paper cups will not be provided at the aid stations OBLIGATORY
    Water Reservoir min 1 liter (you must carry a maximum of 1,5L of water at the start line and for refill in indicate aid station) OBLIGATORY
    Head light with replacement batteries. Battery life will decline in cold temperatures OBLIGATORY
    Survival blanket (minimum size of 130cm x 200cm) OBLIGATORY
    Whistle OBLIGATORY
    Adhesive elastic tape/band (minimum length of 80cm x 3cm) OBLIGATORY
    Warm Gloves RECOMMENDED
    Mobile phone OBLIGATORY
    Cap or Bandana RECOMMENDED
    Fleece or long sleeve shirt. Cotton shirts are not allowed RECOMMENDED
    Running pants or leggings or a combination of tights/leggings and long socks which cover the legs completely. Cotton pants/leggings are not allowed OBLIGATORY
    Waterproof rain jacket with hood & (made of waterproof and breathable membrane such as Gore-Tex or something similar; seams must be seam-sealed, minimum 10.000 Schemerber) OBLIGATORY
    First aid kit (such as band aids, disinfectant, etc) OBLIGATORY
    Travel/accident insurance policy RECOMMENDED
    IDR cash (in order to cover the unexpected expenses) OBLIGATORY


    1. Race officials present on the course, and those in charge of different control and refreshment posts are authorized to uphold regulations and to immediately impose a penalty for non-respect, based on the following chart:

      Short-cutting the route At the race directors decision
      Lacking obligatory safety equipment, no survival blanket, no mobile phone etc Penalty 2 hours
      Refuse to have obligatory equipment checked Penalty 2 hours
      Not respecting people (organization or runners) Penalty 1 hour
      Throwing away rubbish, garbage at the route Penalty 2 hours
      Receiving help outside authorized zones Penalty 1 hour
      Cheating (e.g.: using transport, sharing race number) Immediate disqualification and for life
      Not passing through a control point At the race directors decision
      Departure from a control post (check point) after the time limitation Disqualification
      Use of sticks / trekking poles not carried with you at the beginning of the race Penalty 1 hour
      Not wearing the race number (Not valid for Pacer or Runners Crew) Disqualification
      Race number not visible Penalty 30 minutes
      Refusal to comply with an order from race control, from a race official, from a head of post Disqualification

    2. The Race Director has the authority, at any time, to overrule any rule or invent a new rule based on extenuating, unforeseen, and/or unusual circumstances and/or to maintain the integrity and fair play necessary for the successful completion, and continuation, of the race. The Race Director has ultimate authority in regards to all rules, their interpretation, and their enforcement.



      1. You understand the unique nature and requirements of competing in an ultra-long distance trail running race. You will be running all day and night through mountainous terrain and have undertaken the necessary training to compete in such a race.
      2. You will be responsible for yourself and have the ability to deal with any problems that may be encountered during the race.
      3. You are able to deal with, on your own without assistance, deteriorating weather conditions (low temperatures, strong winds and rain ) and other troubles expected when traveling across mountainous terrain.
      4. You are able to deal with extreme fatigue, internal organ and digestive problems, muscle pain, mild physical injuries and psychological problems on your own.
      5. You are fully aware that when participating in an outdoor activity such as this race, your safety depends on your own skills and abilities.
      6. Since the race routes pass the tourism areas, you must pay the tourism ticket entrances (Luwi Hejo, Curug Mariuk).

      1. Marking and location of signs identifying the race course.
      2. Race safety management.

    The race organization reserves the right to cancel or cut-short the race for the following reasons:

    1. The inability to ensure runner safety due to risks such as landslides and rockfalls along the course.
    2. Natural disasters (or declared warnings issued by the "BMKG-Badan Meteorologi dan Klimatologi dan Gempa) In such a case, the race course cannot be changed to continue the race, nor will the race be postponed to a later date.
    3. The decision as to whether or not the race will be canceled will be made on the day before the race or on the day of the race. This will be communicated via the official race website.
    4. In the event of an earthquake, hurricane/typhoon, flood, incidents, accidents and/or epidemics, the race organization reserves the right to make judgments and decisions regarding the shortening/canceling of the race, whether or not there will be refunds, the amount, and the method of communication.

    1. The Entry Fee is not refundable.

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